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The Tiny House Bed Search

One of my friends, and avid My Journey into Tiny follower, Julie, has been at me to sleep in my tiny pretty much since it had something resembling a roof on it. I put it off for quite a while because when you are working on a place, and there is no power apart from […]

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Being Precious about going Tiny

I downed tools after finishing the outside of my Tiny 3 months ago now. Not because I wanted to, to be clear. But because I was offered a job, having not earned money¬†for the last 6 months as I worked on my Tiny, from an employer who¬†understood the things that were important to me. I […]

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A Tiny visit to Portland

Have I mentioned that I know a Tiny House builder? Benn Kovco built Kangablue – one of the Tiny Houses at Caravan – Portland’s Tiny House Hotel. He’s an Australian, living permanently in Portland now and had dreamed of building his own straw-bale house. He’s now a local in the Tiny House community in Portland […]

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Stepping onto the Path

Well it’s one thing to make the decision to take a certain path. It’s another to start on it, and I realised this from the moment I made my decision. When I had lunch with Brittany, the owner of the Tiny House I stayed in, I ran through a list of many questions I had. […]

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The decision to build

I had been admiring all those cute photos of tiny houses on facebook for a good couple of years. I must have been following half a dozen tiny house facebook pages and talking wistfully to anyone who would listen about “when I build my tiny house..” I just couldn’t see how that was going to […]

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